Monday, January 2, 2017

My 2017 Word: Risk

Risk is a scary word. It implies injuries. It implies danger. Risk implies failure. I have worked at Camp Mary Orton for a number of years and when I run groups there we always talk about risk. There is risk in everything you do. When groups are doing the ropes course I remind them while the course looks dangerous, they have done the most dangerous thing already that day - they drove to camp. Statistically there are more injuries on the road then there are on ropes courses.

My summer playground :) 

Risk is more though. Risk is about exploring, if not conquering the unknown. Risk is aiming for greatness, but not always succeeding.

There are a number of places I have not taken risks. I have a fiction novel that I wrote a number of years back. One copy sits printed on a shelf while the original sits in a cloud. I have a teaching book that I’ve been writing for years. It’s sitting safely in my mind. The risk of writing it and the steps beyond that are too great for me to comprehend.

Quoting one of your favorite authors after that paragraph? Ironic...

This is only one area of my life I have not taken a risk. I plan on taking risks on a number of fronts this year - physically, emotionally, mentally, and professionally. We are about to take off on this great adventure called 2017. I’m hoping to have a number of stops along the way:

  • Risk taking time for myself 
  • Risk being selfish 
  • Risk talking to authors and publishers 
  • Risk running more and further than I ever have before 
  • Risk implementing lessons that may not work 

Every great story starts with risk.  One of my favorite quotes is, “If you don’t risk anything, then you risk everything.” In fact it is the quote by my senior picture. My 2017 will be full of risk. I hope to see you along the way!

This pic will end up in my next kahoot :) 

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