Monday, February 20, 2017

The Infection Spreads!

Last week an infection got introduced to my classroom. How to what it was, how to catch it, how it spreads - none of that was known. Throughout the week students completed problems to receive clues as to the nature of the infection. 

This past week it was revealed: the infection is a virus which affects the midichlorians. When infected, the virus turns the midichlorians to favor the dark side. By the time this was known, half of the class was on the light side and half was on the dark side. There is also a ‘secret agent’ on the light side: someone that is infected, but that does not show any signs. There is also one student in the class that is immune to the infection. 

Both of those came out randomly based on the cards students drew from a deck last week.

 For the past week students have continued to push their cause's side by earning points to win mini-challenges. Students had probability challenges, number challenges, and other games. Light side students got a chance to retry, while dark side students were ‘tossed’ into the Pit of Sarlak. The most recent one was a kahoot battle. Students signed into kahoot as normal, but labeled their side: 

Sides have been set. 

Many of them wanted to name themselves “Darth”, but I told them there are only two sith lords, and they are currently held by the two teachers in the classroom. I also told them they were welcome to challenge us in a math competition to take the title. None have done so yet. 

During the game, students saw the top 5 but also knew EVERY point mattered so they focused on getting answers right.  They reminded each other that getting answers right is better than answering fast and incorrectly. 

Light side leads, but the force is strong with the dark forces. 

When the game was over I totaled the dark and light sides and averaged their scores. That became their points for “final” kahoot (just like final jeopardy.) The leader from each team (the one with most points) got to decide how many points to risk. Other students could help, ask, and beg, but ultimately that student decided the wager. 

From there, students were told one random person from each team would represent their answer. Collaboration during that question could not have been higher as teammates checked in with each other about both the process and the final answer. 

In the end, the light side won this battle, but the war is not over yet.

How will episode II end?

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